Monday, November 29, 2010

Day 1: With a Grain of Salt :)

Breakfast: 1egg, 1/3 cup egg beaters, 1/4 bell pepper, 1 Mushroom,  Spinch and Pesto Sausage

Lunch: Trader Joes Chicken Patties, Omega 3 Trail Mix, Apple, Spinch

Butternut cakes: Shredded-peeled butternut squash, Shredded onion, 3 eggs. Grilled Chicken-sprikles with garlic poweder
 Sauce: 1/3c apricot preserves (not paleo, but could be a simply fruit option) 1T fresh diced ginger 4T gluten free soy sauce, 2-4T Sriracha-Hot chili sauce (depending on how hot you like it) Fried over Medium heat. I used Olive Oil flavored Pam, but you could real Olive Oil and I'm sure it would make these taste delicious.

So I officially made it through day 1. I decided that my paleo challenge is probably going to be with a "grain of salt" literally. I made it through breakfast and lunch without any faults, but come dinner I tried making butternut squash "cakes". When I was met with a  bland, but nicely textured, butternut hash, I wanted a sauce to make it taste better! So I faltered by making an alomost-paleo sauce to drizzle over the cakes and chicken. It was delicious! (in a spicy-asiany-doesn't really go with butternut-kind of way) Still not bad my first day and a new recipe. I will be eating leftovers for the next 3 days, So I should post a new meal on Thursday probably.
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