Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Califlower "Fried Rice" Recipe & Battle of the Bread Basket!

So yesterday we were shopping in Sacramento for work. As usual, we went to the Cheesecake Factory for lunch. I have eaten there before and it is pretty much Paleo. I ordered a turkey burger "protein style" and sweet potato fries (my absolute favorite!). Everyone else ordered and then the waitress said those cursed words-- "I'll be right back with your bread". I was raised as a carb-fiend, and bread and butter is pretty much my favorite food. Most restaurants in our over-sized portion-and-people nation start any good meal off with a big basket of white refined carbs and we add to that by slathering it with fat. While it tastes like perfection, I know what it does to me inside, so here are my tips on the Battle of the Bread Basket:

1. Ask the waitress not to bring the bread-- This is ideal! As long as the people you are with don't mind or have similar goals.
2. Ask your friends to move it on the other side of the table from you-- I am lucky to have the support of my friends when it comes to most food battles, so if you have the same, they will have no problem moving it to one side. This helps to keep your hand from crawling into that tempting basket.
3. Get a Drink and a Straw-- Sip on water or iced tea while you wait for your meal. This will help you keep your mouth busy and hopefully fight off a little bit of the hunger.
4. Think about your meal-- Hopefully what you ordered actually will satisfy you and sounds good. Since resturant portions are normally huge, focus on filling your stomach with what you ordered instead of wasting hunger on the bread. Know that your food is coming! Don't Stress.
5. Order a side salad-- If it is a restaurant where you know you will be waiting a while to eat, get a starter salad so you can eat like everyone else.
6. If all else fails-- imagine the least healthy, overweight, diseased version of yourself...eating all of it. For me, this idea is pretty gross and sad. Fear is a pretty strong emotion, so if it resorts to this; Fear the Basket :)

Now for the good stuff! I made cauliflower-fried rice tonight! I've had it once before. I made a few tweaks of course and it made a great side to my left over kabobs! It would also acompany any stir fry, chicken, or curry wonderfully!

Cauliflower "Fried Rice"


½ head raw cauliflower, grated
sesame oil
carrot, shredded
gluten free soy sauce
eggs, scrambled
green onions
  • 3 green onions
  • 1. Grate the cauliflower in a food processor. Spray a large pan and sauté garlic over medium-high heat. After about a minute, add cauliflower and sesame oil. Stir occasionally. You want the cauliflower to get slightly browned. 
    2. After cauliflower is browned, add in the shredded carrot and soy sauce (gluten free) and cook for about 30 seconds. Move the mixture to one side of the pan. On the other side, pour in scrambled eggs and cook through. Stir together the two mixtures. Serve and garnish with the green onions (for a nice crunch and flavor).

    ** This recipe makes about 4 cups, so if you are cooking for one, leftovers will be in your future. This recipe re-heats quite well and can be mixed with a variety of toppings/protein for lunches and dinners!
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