Thursday, December 2, 2010

Tis the Season

Tequila Shots are Gluten Free!

Shrimp, Salami,Cashews & Chocolate covered Almonds! Paleo-buffet heaven :)
Tonight is my first Christmas party. Luckily it is at NorCal Strength and Conditioning! I know I will be welcomed with paleo friendly food and drinks, as well as people that support the life style. Howevere, just because its paleo, doesn't always mean its "great" for you. In our society we have been trained to diverge from our ancestors ways of eating. Instead of being motivated by hunger, we often eat based on time of day, boredom & socially. While cavemen ate to survive, our society eats in excess, rarely considering our hunger level, and let cravings and feelings dictate how much and what we eat. So at each party I go to this holiday I am going to try to remember to listen to my body: eat when I'm hungry, stop when I'm full. Before I head off to the festivities I will remind myself and give you some tips on staying on plan at parties:
1. Don't go Hungry!!!! have a snack: nuts, fruit, jerky or even a small meal. This will help you steer away from temptation and eat less.
2. Drink Water Before! Weather you plan on drinking or not, staying hydrated is crucial. It can minimize your hangover. Also, many times we confuse thirst with hunger, since we aren't used to listening to our bodys signals. So a big glass of water will also help you avoid eating when your body doesnt need to.
3. Contribute! Offer to bring an appitzer, side or dessert to the event. This allows you control over at least 1 thing there. This way you can eat what you bring and helps out your host or hostess. Tips on what to bring: veggie platter with dip, bacon wrapped water chestnuts, stuffed mushrooms, a friut platter, or dark chocolate covered almonds.
5. Plan! If you plan on consuming alchol, know that it spikes your blood sugar, which causes cravings! So have carrots or another snack ready for if you get home ravenous. Also, many people say grease "cures" a hang over. So have baccon on hand for a hearty morning after breakfast, or in a pinch head to in-n-out burger for a protein style burger with mustard instead of their special sauce.
6. Get Your Party On!! What are parties really about? talking to friends and making new ones! Its pretty hard to eat and talk, so if your picking one, be chatty. Also, if there is a dance floor, get out there and burn off some of those extra tequila calories :)
So remember, its more important to feel great in those party dresses! Let this party season be a time to have fun with your loved ones, not grow your waist line.
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