Friday, July 19, 2013

Everyday Paleo Around the World- Italian Cuisine

Everyday Paleo Around the World- Italian Cuisine is Sarah's newest book. I remember when she and her family packed up and left for this trip! I couldn't imagine how adventurous it was to travel through Italy, taking cooking classes and eating the best food while getting enjoy it with your family! From the first two recipes I tried (Béchamel Sauce and Lasagna), I could tell her travels really payed off. She definitely has taken her cooking skills and innovation to a new level. The one recipe I tried is proof enough to buy the entire book. It is her new and improved Lasagna! While it did take some time to make, it was well worth it. It was fantastic. Plus it fed me and my boyfriend three times, which saved me two more nights of cooking. I made the Béchamel sauce and my first finger-full had me sold! I lightened it up a bit with less ghee and coconut milk because I'm really trying to lean out, but I can't imagine it being any richer than it was. The sauce added a creaminess, almost even a cheesy texture and taste to the dish. The wine in her marinara sauce was also perfect and added just the right amount of flavor. I can't wait to try more recipes from this book. Get your book today and enter into her giveaway for your own trip to Italy!

Here is the pic of me making the lasagna. I made one of the sauces in my Vitamix! I love that thing!

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