Sunday, July 14, 2013

Tahoe 2013 Tough Mudder

While most of what I post on my site is food or recipe related, I thought I'd share about the event I did this weekend: The Tough Mudder. I was on a team with 20 people, it started with co-workers and spiraled into including friends and family as well. The course was a steep 10 miles, winding through the ski slopes of North Star and scattered with 19 obstacles! From slithering through electric wires to running up a 30 foot half-pipe it was exciting, challenging, and slightly stupid from start to finish. Here is my list of the top ten things I will take away from the tough mudder:

10. Strong is the new Sexy. I feel like for most of my life, the goal for the ideal female form was "thin". This race really showed how that has changed. It seemed like ⅓-½ of the racers were female. All were there to crawl through mud, swing from monkey bars, carry heaving things, and complete the race. I am excited that strong and healthy is becoming the new sexy for women!

9. Train with Purpose.  This was the first time I ever trained for an event. If you have never done this, let me say that it is awesome! We met one day a week to run and sometimes do some strength training. The best part was having people there for accountability and camaraderie  So I encourage everyone to try training with a goal in mind and with partners.

8. Do Something You Didn't Think You Could Do.  One of the last obstacles was Warrior Carry where you basically had to carry a teammate. One of the bigger guys (over 6ft) decided to give me a piggy back ride. That was going well until we came to a sign that said 'Switch Partners'. I then said, "Let's do it." and he replied, "Are you sure?" with panic in his eyes. To be honest, I wasn't really sure, but I tried it anyway and carried him to the end. I was stoked that I made it happen! So don't be scared to try something you think you may not be able to do.

7. Paleo is a Lifestyle (but not your whole life) While I try to eat Paleo as often as I can, for me there are times when I'd rather not. This weekend was one of them. Our team moto was "There Better Be Beer at the Finish Line". So at the end, I had a beer. I think we all struggle to maintain a Paleo lifestyle, but it is important to not beat yourself up for the times when you might go astray.

6. Some Things are Priceless. A lot of people are put off by the Mudder because of the price. It's true, many races or gyms can be pricey. One of the things this race reminded me of was how I love to spend my money on experiences rather than things. So even if it means giving up your morning coffee or a new pair of heels, make an effort to use your money towards making a memory you won't forget.

5. Land of the Free, Home of the Brave. At the start of the race they played the national anthem, and the lyrics rang truer than ever. The race benefits the Wounded Warrior Project. The money helps those who have been hurt serving our country. They had everyone who had served in the military in our heat stand and then we applauded them. So often we forget how privileged we are to have people serving and protecting us.

4. Stretch. Unfortunately I learned this lesson the hard way. I AM SORE! A teammate of mine stretched for an hour after the race and was feeling pretty good this morning. I was tired/lazy and decided not to and suffered the consequences. Today I am reminded of the importance of stretching as well as nutrition and hydration and how important it is for your body to heal and maintain itself.

3. YOLO. I was told by some that I was crazy for doing this race, but I am so glad I did it. I know it's cheesy but You (really) Only Live Once. Not everyone will want to do the Tough Mudder, but its important to seek out experiences and adventures that will fill your life with new excitement.

2. New meaning of the word TEAM- In training for the Tough Mudder we had a few members of our team suffer injury and illness. One was even hospitalized due to a serious health issue. He took the meaning of TEAM to the next level and just weeks out of the hospital, he attended the event to cheer us on and take photos.

1. Inspired- In our heat for the Tough Mudder was a man who had lost use of his legs. He came to do the course with his wheelchair and the help of two friends. He was completely inspiring. This course was challenging for anybody, and yet he was going to do it without the use of his legs. His efforts were moving for many reasons but especially because of the love that his teammates showed and his courage to face the course.

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