Sunday, October 13, 2013

Paleo Happy Hour Has Officially Been Released!

After many months of hard work in the kitchen, endless hours in front of the computer, and nights dreaming about future recipes, my book is finally out! This project was fueled by my love to entertain, desire to be healthy, and passion for cooking. I think these three qualities made me the perfect author for the book Paleo Happy Hour. While many people on the Paleo diet may need or want to steer clear of alcohol, this book can still prove valuable as an amazing entertaining tool. There are over 100 food recipes and within those there are 20 sauces! There are also 21 drink recipes that often have a "virgin" option. There are 10 party menus with perfectly planned meals and a prep schedule to keep parties stress-free. In the beginning of the book, there is a ton of information on how to overcome the challenges of maintaining your Paleo lifestyle in a variety of social situations.
The book hit shelves on Tuesday! Some of the great stores you can find it in are Costco and Barnes and Noble. If you are looking to order it online, take a peek inside, or read reviews, is a great place to check it out. Also, if you have a copy of Paleo Happy Hour I would love if you could leave a review on or

I had a small get together to celebrate the book release on Friday. Thank you to all my friends that were able to support me and help celebrate the book being done! I served a few recipes from the book including teriyaki meatballs, bruschetta stuffed mushrooms, clam chowder, artichoke spinach dip, and pecan pie bars. The bar was serving up light sea breezes and pear and peach bellinies. I'm so excited for my book to be available to the public and I hope you all LOVE it! I couldn't be happier with the final outcome and I hope it gets everyone excited to entertain.

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  1. did anyone else have a chance to try the pecan bars besides Katie and I??? :)

  2. I just ordered this on amazon and am so excited!!! :)

  3. I have a question about your Paleo mayonnaise recipe. When it says "mustard" does that mean prepared mustard or dry mustard powder?

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