About Me

In June of 2010, I began training at Norcal Strength and Conditioning where I first learned about the Paleo Diet. While I was set in my calorie counting, low fat, high-carb ways, I decided to try it. Almost four years later, I am still exploring the Paleo lifestyle and all it has to offer. Food and cooking is a love of mine and after removing grains and dairy from my diet, it was an exciting challenge to see what I could create in the kitchen. I also love to entertain, so a big challenge for me was what to make to please guests and stay Paleo at the same time. During my own “Paleo challenge”, I started this blog to stay on track and share my cooking. 
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  1. I'm really happy I found your blog! I have the same challenge when it comes to entertaining non-paleo folks so I'll be coming here often to find some useful recipes!

    1. That's s awesome! Thanks for the support!

  2. Paleo Girl,

    We recently made our Paleo Recipes board be a group board on Pinterest. We would like to get as many of us fellow Paleo websites to collaborate and make an awesome board with tons of followers so we can all gain more exposure. We hand picked you to join our board. If you are interested, all you need to do is follow the board then reply to this email and let us know you would like added to the board and we'll add you. If you have any blogger friends that also do Paleo recipes, please also invite them to join. You can read the rules for the board at the link below.

    Here's the board:


    Not sure if you want to join a group board? Here's an article that says why you may want to: http://www.jeffbullas.com/2013/03/04/how-to-use-pinterests-group-boards-to-get-more-exposure-for-your-business/

    My Natural Family

  3. Hi Kelly,

    I was trying to find a contact page for you, but was unable to find one.

    I love your site and am planning to feature you in a list of the "Top Paleo Foodies of 2013-2014" post that will be running here in a week or so.

    Please reach out to me for more info:


    1. The post is live, Kelly. Congrats on being selected!

  4. I am trying to get your general tso chicken...the link says it is not available. My kids love this recipe...it is a huge favorite around here. Can you please check the link for us and fix it?

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  6. I found your Paleo Drinking Cheat Sheet on Paleo World and that brought me here...WOW! What an awesome recipe site! You are fantastic - my hubs is the real cook in our family and he is always surfing to find new Paleo recipes for us. I am going to send him the link to your website RIGHT NOW! And Almond Butter Bars with Chocolate....I think I'm in heaven and can hardly wait to get home tonite to make them! You have a dedicated reader!!

    Jennie in GA

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